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Business Water

The deregulation of the water industry in England represents a great opportunity for businesses to save money on their utility bills. ​

From April 2017, commercial customers in England are now able to choose the best retailer for their needs, regardless of where their premises are located. This is a radical move away from current practice, where companies get their water and sewerage services from a single provider located nearby.

Prior to deregulation, unlike Scotland, businesses in England had no choice in the matter, but now that has changed. Here at GAS, we understand that Water Deregulation is very new to many businesses and that’s why we’re here to help. ​​


As experts in the water procurement market, and with unique relationships with the UK’s leading water suppliers, our team will use their extensive industry knowledge to not only identify the most cost-effective deal for your business, but also provide a complete end-to-end solution by managing the entire procurement project from start to finish.​

Our water procurement specialists already have a wealth of experience working alongside businesses in Scotland, ensuring substantial savings for several firms since their own market was deregulated in 2008.

Our team does not stop with the procurement of your water; our industry specialists can also assist with the management of your water by undertaking a comprehensive review of your recent water bills and identify any opportunities for savings or refunds.​​​



Make significant cost savings
Using our unrivalled buying power, our experts will scour the water market to ensure you get the best deal for your water contracts.

Track Record

Consolidate your bills
​Instead of receiving multiple bills from numerous suppliers, you can  now unify them all into one simple monthly payment.

Customer Service

Gain knowledge from unrivalled industry experts
​Remove the confusion of working in a deregulated water market. With years of experience, our team will help you every step of the way.

Time Saver

Remove the hassle of in-house water procurement
​Once you’ve decided which deal is best for you, we’ll process your new contracts and let you get back to doing what you do best: running your business.

Why switch with GAS?

  • Proven track record: We’ve helped over 1,500 companies make savings across their business, with a 98% recommendation rate.
  • Dedicated customer experience team: We will protect you every step of the way, ensuring you continue to receive the best prices when your contracts are up for renewal.
  • Tried and tested suppliers: We only work with the very best. You, the customer, are what’s most important to us and saving you money is our number one priority. We make sure that we not only get you the cheapest deal, but also one that is tailor-made for your business.
  • More services than anyone else: We don’t just stop with your water bills, we can make you savings on over 12 different areas of your business, more than any of our competitors.
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