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ENergy Audit

Great Annual Savings has extensive experience in delivering comprehensive energy audits for many organisations in many different sectors and we are in an excellent position to identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption and associated costs and emissions.

GAS energy audit will generally cover the following:
  • ​​Hold a kick-off meeting with key personnel on site, e.g. centre manager, facilities manager, or other personnel to set expectations and agree the programme for the site survey;
  • Interview key personnel about the energy management processes and procedures that are used on site, e.g. individuals with energy management responsibility, existing targets, reporting arrangements, etc.;
  • Inspection of site during normal working hours;
  • Analyse energy consumption and to prepare an energy breakdown.
  • Evaluation of technical Process equipment including schematic representations, control schemes and settings & data equipment.
  • Identify opportunities to reduce energy demand.
  • Identify opportunities for onsite generation of renewable energy.
  • We will provide a written report which will detail the findings of the audit and provide recommendations on efficiency improvements, including:

    • ​Plant or system upgrades, continuous optimisation of control systems, improved maintenance, potential programs to change behaviour.
    • This will include estimates of the anticipated project costs and anticipated savings (in terms of energy, cost payback and CO2). 
  • Qualitative assessment of renewable energy generation options.

Monitoring & Targeting

Our monitoring and targeting (M&T) software will give you your consumption data in a day by day format, meaning you will have your energy data at your fingertips.
An M&T system allows clients to:

  • ​Identify and understand any increase or decrease in your energy use.
  • Draw energy consumption trends (weekly, seasonal, operational, etc.).
  • Determine future energy use when planning changes in the business. (Long-term plans/strategy for the business)
  • Diagnose specific areas of wasted energy.
  • Observe how the business reacted to changes in the past.
  • Develop performance targets for energy management programs.
  • Manage energy consumption, rather than accept it as a fixed cost that they have no control over.

Our monitoring and targeting (M&T) software is designed specifically to help you manage and measure your long-term energy consumption. Due to our easy-to-use web-based portal, clients can now access their information on-the-go via the use of phones, tablets or laptops (BYOD).​​


Remote Energy Manager

Here at Great Annual Savings, we understand that many sites and organisations do not have the time, resource or skill set to manage energy. In order to enable sites to undertake this vital function, our team have developed the Remote Energy Manager Service.

Our tool will utilise the data received by the monitoring and targeting system, and provide you with monthly reports identifying and quantifying all energy consumption within the month. Comparing your consumption with previous periods, we’ll be able to identify any anomalies and indicate how the site is operating according to any pre-set targets.

With our team overlooking the management of your energy, your team will be able to focus on what they do best; running your business. 


Part TIme Energy Manager

An extension of the remote energy manager service, the part time energy manager will provide your organisation with all the skill and cost saving opportunities an Energy Manager provides, but without having to employ one. Typically an organisation will purchase a ‘block’ of time, for example 12-24 days per annum, and the client and Energy Manager will use this time, along with the data provided from the monitoring and targeting system, for:

  • ​Development of a high level Three Year Energy Plan
  • Identification and evaluation of improvement opportunities that meet the organisation’s investment criteria
  • Audit of sites as required
  • Interpretation and regular reporting of energy and production data
  • Setting of realistic energy reduction targets
  • Development of robust business cases for those improvement opportunities that meet the organisation’s investment criteria
  • Assistance with implementation and evaluation of approved improvement opportunities
  • Undertake staff energy awareness training

Installation & Project Management

We can provide project management services to our clients for all energy related projects. Projects are often identified from audits, or from talking with the customers and their understanding of what they need.

GAS have partnerships with many companies to cover all solutions, and these may include (but not limited to):​

  • ​Equipment
    • Boilers / lighting / heating / ventilation / air conditioning / air compressors / hydraulics / PFC / hot water / heat recovery – this can include renewal / refurbishment / upgrade
  • Building Fabric
    • Insulation / windows / warehouse doors
  • Renewable Energy
    • Solar Thermal / PV / wind / biomass / ASHP / GSHP
  • Control systems
    • From simple time switch to full BMS – including training, optimisation, review etc.

Our team can provide whatever service you require, from simply providing advice, writing specifications, identifying solution providers through to providing a full turnkey solution (design, installation and commissioning).

To ensure the project is as cost-effective as possible, our agents investigate whether any funding streams or grants are available to you.​​

Tried and Tested

Compliance services

With an energy management team consisting of some of the most highly-skilled and experienced experts in our field, our staff will work alongside you to ensure that you fully comply with every energy related legislation, including:

•EPBD (Energy Performance of Building Directive)

•ESOS (Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme)

•CRC (Carbon Reduction Commitment)

•EUETS (Europe Union Emissions Trading System)

Our team will undertake a full study of your business and provide a brief highlighting the key actions required in order to comply with some of the markets’ toughest legislation.

GAS can also assist clients with ISO 50001 certification, from undertaking a gap analysis to determine the steps needed for certification, right through to assisting with the changes.​


ENergy Saving Study

Our Energy Savings Study is a great tool designed to help companies understand their business energy needs. Here at Great Annual Savings, we understand that many businesses may not have sufficient energy consumption to justify a comprehensive energy audit.

However, regardless of the size of your business or the amount of energy you consume, this doesn’t mean you still don’t need to analyse and control just how much energy you use.

Here at GAS, we have developed our energy savings so that once the team has the specific information they need about your site, we can completely tailor our report to your exact needs and requirements.

Once collected, we will present our findings in an easy to understand report, which is a smaller scale version of our full onsite audit report combined with a certificate that will show the buildings efficiency rating from A-G. With expert guidance from our team, you can then develop a strategy to enhance the efficiency of your estate.​​​


Staff Energy Awareness Training

Employees are often the most powerful tool to achieve and maintain energy and cost savings and are often best placed to implement low cost energy saving opportunities. By training and empowering staff on energy related issues, real changes can be made and savings achieved.

Here at Great Annual Savings, we can provide different levels of training to suit your every need, from simple web-based courses suitable for all staff, to one -on-one mentoring of Energy Champions to allow them to drive the energy savings plan forward.

Our ​​courses include:​

  • ​Energy awareness at work
  • Engaging staff in the energy saving journey
  • Workplace energy saving
  • Energy Champion coaching
Carbon Footprint

Sustainability & Carbon MAnagement

We can help with your entire sustainability agenda and can advise on the three pillars of sustainability – Social, Economic and Environmental.

We can:

  • Create a sustainability strategy
  • Advise on most suitable targets and plans
  • Calculate carbon footprints for your organisation / staff / supply chain
  • Organise carbon offsetting to enable an organisation to become carbon neutral
Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Solutions

We can assist with all aspects of renewable energy , from giving high level advice on potential renewable energy solutions, to investment grade feasibility studies and full project management.

We consider all renewable technologies and determine the most appropriate solution and scale for the situation.

Our technologies include:​​

  • ​Biomass
  • Solar thermal
  • Solar PV
  • Ground source heat pump
  • Air source heat pump
  • Wind
Tried and Tested

Bill Validation

Retrospective Bill Validation

Our bill validation provides a detailed review of clients utility bills received for electricity, gas and water across individual supplies. 

The review is a repeatable solution, aiming to maintain a correct record of your utility costs and guarantee any potential errors made by suppliers are identified and amended.

Our experienced team of energy managers ensure that the charges on the clients invoices have been validated and that definite billing errors are quickly highlighted and resolved.

The energy managers check everything from the meter type to how much VAT a client is paying with any Half Hourly clients this may lead to a more in-depth analysis, which will depend on their specific charges. ​​

Ongoing Bill Validation

Great Annual Savings can offer the client an ongoing bill validation service to ensure clients pay the correct amount, and this includes liaison with suppliers to correct any errors. This is most suitable for multi site / multi meter portfolios. 


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