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In addition to our core services, our cost saving expertise also expands to other areas of business expenditure.

We employ experts who have extensive knowledge of key industry sectors and your business’ interests at heart. They’ll give you peace of mind, reduce your workload and allow you to focus on what you do best – running your business.

We offer support in a great range of services to suit your every need. By working with GAS, you can expect to save significant sums of money across the following areas:

Fire Services


All businesses, whether they have employees or members of the public onsite, must provide a safe working environment that adheres to the strictest of regulations. If there is a fire on site they must provide a means to detect the fire and evacuate the location in a safe manner. They must also provide a means to deal with the incident in the short term. Our partners can assist at all stages.

Here at GAS, we understand that managing your fire protection can be complex and time consuming, that’s why our experts are on hand to do the hard work for you.

Our Services

  • Design of fire detection systems.
  • Installation of fire alarms and emergency lighting.
  • Provision of sprinkler and chemical suppression solutions.
  • Servicing, maintenance and repair of fire detection and life support systems.
  • Fire extinguisher installation, servicing and testing.

Why use GAS:

  • Unrivaled buying power and experience from GAS can significantly reduce your current fire safety expenditure.
  • Remove time constraints of managing your fire safety procedures in-house.
  • Our experts will ensure you become fully compliant with ever-changing fire regulations.
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Business Security


How secure is your business? When did your business last upgrade its CCTV or intruder alarm? Are you overspending on equipment you don’t need? These are questions we can help you answer via a free audit of your business security setup. 

Our relationships with the most advanced and reliable partners in the industry allow us to deliver cost-saving, future-proof security solutions to suit your business needs.

Our Services

  • Intruder Alarm installation.
  • CCTV Installation, monitoring and support.
  • Security gates, barriers and man guarding.
  • Maintenance, servicing and repair of all services.

Why use GAS

  • Ensure you aren’t overspending on your current security running costs.
  • Gain peace of mind that you have the correct security features in place.
  • Gain access to industry-leading specialists.
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The complexity of a HVAC solution means every business has a vast array of products and equipment to maintain at any given time. If your installed HVAC system fails it can be very costly to your business. 

Maintaining and servicing site equipment significantly increases its lifespan and your running costs are kept to a minimum. Here at GAS, we have the team in place to make sure it happens.

Our Services

  • Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.
  • Servicing and maintenance.
  • An end-to-end service from design and installation to full servicing.

Why use GAS

  • We work with experts who only use the best manufacturers in the market.
  • We’ll provide clarity on what is a complicated industry.
  • We’ll prevent you from overspending on your equipment and ensure you only pay for exactly what you need. 
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IT Services


There’s plenty to think about when it comes to your organisation’s IT setup. From determining the most suitable and cost-efficient business hardware to protecting your company from cyber-attacks. Great Annual Savings Group can advise you on the best plan of action.

By speaking to us today, our team will prepare you with a plan that ensures you only pay for the services that are vital to your business needs.

Our Services

  • LAN and WAN provision.
  • Antivirus, antimalware, firewall setup and spam filtering.
  • Email archiving, smarthosting and backup solutions.

Why use GAS

  • Not all customers have the same requirements, we help to match the customer with the right service provider.
  • We remove complexity and prepare quotations in a clear and concise way.
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Office Equipment


Speed, size, compatibility and cost are all important considerations when it comes to your office’s equipment. If you don’t keep up to date with the latest developments your setup could be costing your business money and time. Fortunately, we stay at the forefront so you don’t have to.

Speak to one of our dedicated business cost-saving experts today for a comprehensive review of your office procedures.

Our Services

  • Mono and colour photocopying, multi-function devices (scan, print, copy and fax).
  • Static and cloud-based archiving, storage and retrieval software.

Why use GAS

  • We work with all of the major manufacturers from Xerox to Ricoh, Kyocera to Lexmark.
  • We can provide 24/7 on-site support when needed.
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